Commuting time of the public transport or car for whole city on a map.

LLmaps computes commuting time in your city. It gives you an estimate for whole city while selecting a single place or multiple places of your interest.

We give you an answer for questions like:

  • “I work in Greenwich, my wife/husband works in Kensington. Where should we find an apartment from which we can get to both workplaces in a minimum time by using public transport?”
  • “I live in Greenwich, John lives in Redbridge, and Emily lives in Lambeth. Where should we regularly meet while being closest to our homes?”

You can select a map depending on transport you prefer – a car or public transport (tube, bus, train, …). We currently support cities such as London, Berlin, San Francisco, or Prague.

LLmaps on a laptop or on a phone

Designed for Modern Age

LLmaps can run on all modern web browsers. Try it for free now.

It uses modern technologies and advanced algorithms in order to provide the most accurate and complex results on the market.


We offer two applications that will enable you to use LLmaps data in your product.

LLmaps API LLmaps API

Do you want to call LLmaps from your application without need to build any infrastructure? Would you like to have an access to the latest data-files (cities)?

Use our LLmaps API. It is industry-standard REST interface that allows you to access all LLmaps functionality.

LLmaps Offline LLmaps Offline

Would you like to use LLmaps when you are not connected to the internet? Do you want to generate maps from your application on a regular basis?

Use our LLmaps Offline. It includes all available data-files (cities) and you can call it with the same parameters as you can try online. It's offered as a Java-based library.

If you are interested in our offerings or if you want to cooperate, please, contact us on e-mail .


We believe that modern technologies can help us with every day decisions in a smart and understandable way. The technology should be simple enough to be widely understood. On the other hand it must be intelligent too in order to cover even minor problems human can have. So the motto "Smart data mining and geospatial visualization".

Why the name LLmaps?

LL stands for latitude and longitude that are components of the geographic coordinate system (see this Wikipedia topic) used i.e. by the Global Positioning System (GPS). When you have a latitude value and a longitude value you can reference a specific point on a map.

How it works?

We've developed a unique algorithm that gets data from map providers, public transport agencies and from other sources to compute the most accurate durations. In a few milliseconds we compute whole area for you and we optimize the result for all placed destinations.

What do colors mean?

Blue basically means very close areas to your destination(s). Green areas are a bit further, but still quite good. Yellow areas are near your limit, but it could be still reasonable for you. Red areas are basically on your predefined time limit. Dark red areas are outside of your limit. Transparent (blank) areas are unaccessible on foot (usually airports and fields).

Map in the web-browser


Feel free to contact us if you have a question, a feedback, or if you want to cooperate or use LLmaps in your product.

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